Editorial #4: Guarding Our Collective Consciousness

Inside the Tulip: Mount Vernon Tulip Festival. Color, color, color. http://www.sxc.hu/profile/zacden
Inside the Tulip: Mount Vernon Tulip Festival. Color, color, color. http://www.sxc.hu/profile/zacden


The week of April 14th – 20th was a whirlwind of catastrophes, starting with the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday. It’s amazing how one minute you’re doing fine and the next, the proverbial rug has been pulled from under you and you’re sitting on your butt, wondering what happened.

Let’s answer that question – OUR THOUGHTS ARE WREAKING HAVOC IN THE WORLD. Are you serious? Yes, I am. What I’m about to say is not for the faint of heart, neither is it for the unbeliever.  When you go to church every Sunday, are you sitting there, rocking with the praise dancers, or are you really paying attention to the sermons and going further into those Scriptures when you return home? I thought not.

Throughout the Bible and every metaphysics book that was ever written – Ernest Holmes, Charles Fillmore, Napoleon Hill, Dr. Wayne Dyer or the Amplified Version — the common thread is GUARDING YOUR  THOUGHTS, BELIEVING IN THE POWER OF GOD THAT WORKS THROUGH YOU and ACTING ACCORDINGLY.  If you are thinking crazy, that’s what you’ll get. If you don’t believe God, you’ll get that, too – the results of unbelief.  It’s not pretty. We see it every day.

Jesus said it over and over, as He went throughout the countryside, healing everyone who believed. One person said ‘help thou my unbelief,’ and He still accommodated him because of the intent of that guy’s heart, which was transparent to Jesus. When we, all humanity, can truly believe that nothing is impossible for God, know [that we know] this in our hearts, and then apply it to the things that are happening in the world that are obviously not from Heaven, we’ll be halfway there in solving some of these problems. The stronger your belief, the less time it takes to accomplish. God has given us everything we need, but its been ‘beaten’ out of us over the centuries.

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Flags of the world
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The mysteries that are referenced in the Bible were revealed years ago. The thing is – when  discussed, they were deliberately misstated, so that the general population could still be controlled. We are now like lemmings, marching down the road to perdition; ostriches with heads buried in the sand.

The results of this manipulation is obvious; shootings every day for silly reasons, hopelessness, while all the time, the collective assets of the nation are being transferred to offshore bank accounts, controlled by an elite few. Am I a conspiracy theorist? I don’t know; I’ll say what the formerly blind man said to his interrogators — I once was blind, but now I see. Call it what you want.


Why is TV full of undead folk walking around looking stupid? Is that supposed to be entertainment? If so, what’s the IQ of a person who thinks it is, and offers it to a wide audience as such? How can you let one with such a low mentality guide such a large market? Even worse, what’s the IQ of the person who thinks it’s OK, that it is entertainment? That’s scary.


How did that person get to a financial position to be able to even put these shows on TV? We’ve let fools run the institutions, and now look at the results. Blood and guts is not entertainment, it’s the result of a warped childhood, and non-parental supervision before puberty. Nothing is worse, my business partner used to say, as getting to the point where you think the abnormal is normal, no longer being able to tell the difference. Another way of saying that [not as nicely] is believing your own B.S.

When Svengoolie came on every week back in the day, it was palatable, because you knew it wasn’t true, and it was really entertainment. Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and the rest of their genre were not trying to take over the world. It was obviously fiction that was suitable for children of a certain age. The campiness of movies from those days was funny, you couldn’t be scared for laughing. Not these folk now; they’re coming out of the TV screen at you. They’re making series on teenage vampires, and selling makeup to make you look dead. Really? Think about that for a minute; are you really that gullible to a marketing ploy? Aren’t you teaching your children not to believe the B.S., or are you letting them do it because Jimmy down the street does?


As a child, I would spend a couple of weeks each summer in the north suburbs with my cousins. My aunt and uncle always welcomed my calmness, as they had a lot of kids who were always in some state of pandemonium. I’d just watch, or take a book and go outside to read. I always did believe in peace. Anyway, once at 8:30 in the morning, one of my younger cousins was trying to persuade her father to buy her ice cream. This is in the summer, but at 8:30 A.M. The Dairy Queen was right on the corner, 1/2 block away, who got a lot of business from this household, because he wouldn’t say no.  I’d just gotten up and walked in on the conversation. As usual, Uncle J. gave in to his baby girl, and asked me if I wanted an ice cream cone. I said maybe this afternoon, but could I have some bacon & eggs first? My aunt laughed for an hour; I was about 9 or 10 at the time. My uncle just said, ok, what is T. teaching that girl, she’s always right.

I’m saying that to say this – these children today have not been taught to see through the veil, to see through this thick layer of stuff [many other synonyms are available] and feel they need to shoot each other to resolve issues – it’s their PARENTS who haven’t given them the whole story. When you get the whole story, you automatically know what to look for. Train up a child in the way they should go, right? What happened?

And this collective consciousness – the ability to unify millions of people with the same thought to get a specific result – is totally feasible. We’ve been doing it inadvertently when something goes wrong. Look at the nation’s mood last week because of Boston. Every day for the whole week, something calamitous happened. Now – let’s take that power and point it the other way. Point it toward reversing the national funds leaving the pockets of the population and returning it to them 1,000-fold. Point it towards perfect health, because we know [that we know] no disease’s name is above the name of Jesus, so therefore cannot succeed. Point it towards the final resolution of income inequalities, which is the cause for so many other issues we have in this country. If we could get rid of the restrictive covenants back in the 50s, this should be a piece of cake. Think about it, and feel free to leave your comments. What should we tackle first to ‘take our country back?’ Yeah, we’ll take it back alright! But not to where you of a narrow mind think, but to where it should’ve been as soon as slavery ended. Keep your mule; I’ll take the 40 acres and a Jaguar. A new one.

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  1. entertainment is for the purpose of dumbing down the masses. nothing more.

    the retraining of the brain is an idea that is much needed but will not take shape b/c the masses are dumbed down. my pessimistic view.

    clear channel media is the devil and has clearly declared war on black babies. put them out of business and we can start taking back what is rightfully ours. our minds.

    1. Trevor, thanks for your comments. It’s scary to think that the entire society, and in particular, Black folk, have been hoodwinked to the extent that they don’t know their posterior from a hole in the ground. Your generation is really the last one right now that saw the light and is pursuing it diligently. Those younger than you are walking around in a daze, convinced that a basketball and a rap song is their savior. Scary.

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