NDW Corporate Services

NDW’s Corporate Services Department is geared towards helping people who want to start a business to fight back against this economy. Don’t wait for someone to give you a job, create one. The starting point is to become legal – incorporation, tax ID number, state registration, and more. We offer the following services, individually or as a package:

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  • Incorporation – Decide on the structure of your company – LLC, for profit, non-profit, S-corporation or C-corporation. Is incorporating in your state of residence better than a Nevada or Delaware corporation? Does that even apply in these economically challenged times? You decide.
  • FEIN or Tax ID Number – We must make the IRS happy, and this number is necessary for all corporate entities in the U.S. You let us know the basic details, and we’ll get a number for your new corporation immediately.
  • 501(c)(3) or Other Non-Profits – If you are starting a ministry, charitable organization, or any non-profit from a 501(c)(1) to a 501(q), 521(a) or 527, we can take care of it for you with our experienced staff. This includes your obligation to submit a document to the IRS explaining what you are about to do to qualify for this status, within a specified time frame. We have experienced consultants available that can make an assessment of your goals quickly, and create documents that will get you approved.
  • Business Plans – Whether your plan defines a for-profit or non-profit entity, we have both perspectives covered. You provide info on your industry and goals, then we take it from there. Projected income and expenses are no problem, with the basic information we receive from you. Your involvement is the key.
  • Agreements, Contracts, Tariffs, Private Placement Memoranda  or Other Documents – NDW staff is experienced in creating the exact document you need to close the deal now. We can guide you through the legalese to get directly where you need to be, with the correct document and language to successfully complete any transactions. If you need a service agreement or a basic work contract for your services, we can help.
  • Web Package Combo – You can add all of these services, and include a basic informational website, for a flat rate. Choose as many or as few features that you’d like. Make sure you enter the information on the Web Package form, and check the business services box. someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

To receive the pricing for any of the services listed above, please fill out the Contact Us form or send your request via e-mail to [email protected], and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest. We will do our best to provide what you need to start successfully.