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Editorial #12: RIP, Herb Kent: The Heart of Chicago Radio – On the same night that the Cubs finally won their game to go to the World Series, Chicago lost the best disk jockey that ever graced the airwaves. This is my humble tribute to Herbert Rogers Kent.

Editorial #11: Regular Psychological Evaluation of Police Officers– This is my opinion for a means to stop the excessive violence of officers upon unarmed Black people. The occurrences are happening way too much to be ignored.

Editorial #10: Net Neutrality Video – Lest We Forget – A video explanation of the net neutrality controversy, which could change our Internet access forever. We’d be forced to pay more or be returned to dial-up connection speeds. Worth fighting for…

Editorial #9: Net Neutrality Update: A Prezi – Part 1 of my final assignment, for an important subject. The loss of existing connection speeds for the general population’s Internet usage will cause more demonstrations than they see now! This is a Prezi-based explanation of net neutrality and its affect on us all.

Editorial #8: Thanksgiving is More Than One Day – A post that considers year-round gratitude, not just once a year.

Editorial #7: GMOs and Shutdowns – A post about the relationship between genetically modified foods and the government shutdown mess.

Editorial #6: 50th Anniversary: Make the Check Good! – Our take on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. It’s enlightening!

Editorial #5: CPS Strikes Again – A discussion of the decision by CPS and Mayor Emanuel to close 50 Chicago schools.

Editorial #4: Guarding Our Collective Consciousness– An observation on what happens when there are multiple, successive catastrophes in the world, and how we can control them.

Editorial #3: Black History is American History– But who was Vivian Gordon Harsh, and why did she get a park named in her honor?

Editorial #2: If My People…– An opinion and possible solutions regarding the murder of Hayida Pendleton, the young lady who was murdered a week after performing in the Inauguration ceremonies.

Editorial #1: Historical Significance – Did You Get That?– This is our 1st editorial for this site, discussing the pomp and circumstance of the Inauguration on 01/21/2013, and those who aren’t paying attention.