Net Neutrality Video – Lest We Forget


The following video discusses the subject of Net Neutrality. You’ve heard it on the news recently; that is, until two grand juries in two different states gave the wrong answer. However, we can’t continue to depend on the news cycle of the large broadcasting companies, who’s allegiance has been questionable for some time. Our eyes must be open on every front in times like these.

Net neutrality means that the Internet access we know and use daily remains the same, with decent prices [they’re already too high], and equal access, not stratified into lanes based on your ability to pay a higher price. This video discusses this subject in detail. Take a minute and consider what would you do if your Internet access were slowed down to the speeds you had with dial up back in the 90s? Listen and be aware. Then take action.

Graphic credits: But they say we’ll all be better off this way (as they cut new content, innovation, consumer choice) –


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