The Ubiquity of the Internet

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SUMMER, 2024 — New Dispensation Websites is undergoing major changes at this time. Our collection of websites will reside here for your convenience, including the podcast “Dichotomies, Then Solutions!” Our objective is to provide a better experience for existing and future visitors. It’s exciting to see it take shape; hope you’ll be there with us.


To be ‘ubiquitous’ is to be always present but in the background, blending in. Some might ignore you altogether. Today’s global interconnectivity can be overwhelming or exhilarating, depending on where you stand. The question is, are you – as a business owner, job seeker, student, or knowledge aspirant – making it work in your favor? It can be done.

New Dispensation Websites (NDW) offers the best in web design and hosting. We have a full range of business services and tech support to guide you through this maze of technology, which seems to change by the minute. Since 1995, the Internet has morphed from a tool for academia and governments to the glue that holds the world together. It makes the most remote parts of the globe accessible to anyone, by the touch of a keyboard or screen. Moreover, that same connectivity fits in your pocket. We are ready to help you sort it all out because as quiet as its kept, many, many people are still trying to make sense of this new technology. And ‘new’ is relative, seeing that the commercial Internet was released in 1995 – that’s 28 years ago!

In addition to building websites and providing services for small businesses, NDW launched it’s first podcast. Find out more about this great podcast of solutions here.

NDW can create the website you need for your purpose. Whether product sales w/uncomplicated shopping, business, an online resume, or a place for groups and organizations, we can build it. If you need guidance with incorporation – whether for-profit or non-profit companies – we can do that, too.

God Bless, and welcome to New Dispensation Websites, major contributors to the global democratization that the Internet’s connectivity provides to us all.

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