The Dichotomies, Then Solutions! Podcast

“Dichotomies, Then Solutions” – Starting Very Soon!

The DICHOTOMIES, THEN SOLUTIONS! Podcast is being finalized, and the release date is imminent. Excitement is definitely in the air, along with a hint of fall.

This is the platform for anyone who has a rational, executable solution for a societal problem to speak their piece to the world. We will also follow-up with that person; not just throw them to the wolves after the shock value wears off and the news cycles move inextricably forward. We want to know did it work or not. Your regular feedback on topics that interest you [we hope that’s all of them!] is crucial to providing the best programming that we can.

So much time is spent in lamentations – crying about what’s wrong, who did what to whom, extreme reactionaries [not the new definition but the original definition – sitting on your butt until you move because of what someone else does, but not doing anything yourself]. We assign blame to anyone but ourselves. Will this continue until we’re annihilated?

Today in 2018, try to find a bank owned by people of color in any major city; there aren’t any. No credit unions. We have built many cars, trucks, SUVs, planes and trains; however, are there any manufacturing plants for same that are owned and run by people of color in this country? I think not.

Right here, right now, is the time to FIX the problems, not whine about them any longer. Your opposition sure isn’t sitting around crying when something doesn’t go their way. The cavalry isn’t coming to save us, we have to save ourselves. You got kicked out of Starbucks? Too bad, it was injustice. But – have you been to the brother’s coffee house right by your house? Probably not. Have you attempted to open a coffee shop yourself, hence solving those type of issues forever? Well?

The children with the guns live right down the street; the question then becomes, who’s running their households? What happened to parental raids on a teenager’s rooms? No one can say that people of color can’t make adjustments to improve any given situation. We’ve been doing it for over 400 years [this is a new century, right?]. The question is – when we will do it on a scale that becomes life-changing for us all? It is possible, and that’s what this podcast will discuss; how can it be done. NOW.

It’s gonna be good! In order to get up-to-the-minute info on the launch date, please fill out the Contact Form below and we’ll let you know the premier date for the DICHOTOMIES, THEN SOLUTIONS! Podcast. It will be available in all of the usual places where you get your podcast fix on.

God Bless.

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