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Lake Michigan Near 51st St. (c) 2012, JSB*Art. All Rights Reserved.
Lake Michigan Near 51st St. (c) 2012, JSB*Art. All Rights Reserved.

 New Dispensation Websites is the result of a vision that came to pass. Its purpose is to provide an alternative to the usual way that web hosting services are offered, thereby giving its clients and visitors a more compelling and useful Internet experience, one to which they’ll always return. There are other pertinent services on this site, such as business services, advertising and a place to voice your opinions. All in one place – a vision of the 21st Century Web.

How did it begin? At the point of creating a bulletin board, the Internet was commercialized, released from the universities of the world to the general public in 1994-95. There was an article in the Sunday Tribune in mid-November, 1994 that talked about Tim Berners-Lee creating the Word Wide Web, and the wonderful things that were coming. Actually, he invented it in 1989, but it wasn’t accepted until 1990 and launched in 1991 in academia. Here’s an example of the first Web page he published. Our first ISP was in California, there weren’t any in the Midwest yet. And I couldn’t get a refund for the BBS software!

Ever since, the world has been inundated with every invention of man from the beginning of civilization. The book of Daniel said that ‘knowledge will increase,’ and was he ever right!  Being a tech-head already for 17 years by 1994, this was exciting news. All of a sudden, the entire world was at your fingertips through a PC with a modem. I dove into it with both feet, as I had with preceding groundbreaking technologies. Remember the Hayes Modems going from 4800 bps to 9600 bps? They started at 300 bps in the 80’s!

After several related career detours, I am ready to offer the services that I see are lacking in this gargantuan pile of overflowing information in which we now find ourselves when online. From 1995 until today, the Internet has become complicated to those who don’t quite understand its metamorphosis over the years. Our mission at NDW is to uncomplicate it for you. This site is the culmination of many ideas that have been delayed but not denied, God willing. I hope that it will improve some aspect of your life today because you stopped by. If you’re interested, you are welcome to view my LinkedIn profile. And, welcome to NEW DISPENSATION WEBSITES.


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