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Editorial #7: GMOs and Shutdowns

The 3rd quarter ends, and we have yet another government shutdown due to useless, artificially manufactured disagreements! The following is a synopsis about two important matters that affect us all. it’s not just the shutdown, it’s the path that our legislators are taking because they think they can get away with it.


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There was a recent article on a website called Prevent Disease that discussed Russia’s decision to ban all GMO products from being imported to its shores by October 15. MonsantoArcher Daniels MidlandConAgra and other purveyors of poisons are probably upset about it. However, they don’t have to worry because they have their home team, i.e., the good old USA, to eat their poison when other countries ban imports. During the last week of September, Monsanto’s lobbyists took over Capital Hill to prevent it from being obligated to judicial oversight. This was another clause someone tried to add into the bill to avoid the government shutdown, but it didn’t make it. It was called the Monsanto Protection Act. In fact, there has been a lot of research and studies conducted by other countries and they have all concluded the same thing – that GMOs are extremely detrimental to their citizens, and banned them from their shores. Why not America? Does that mean we need to move to another country to ensure the food we get is not poisoned and allowed in the stores by the sold-out government? At the beginning of each month, many people are in stores getting their monthly food supplies. Keep in mind, however, that a year ago, there were articles on Wal-Mart joining forces with Monsanto to sell GMO corn on the cob, but of course without labeling it as such. That’s a scary thought; millions of people will buy fruits and vegetables that they think are good for them and their families. Think about all of the barbeques you attended this summer! What were you eating? Also, there’s a YouTube video segment on this matter that’s also from last year, from And for the record – always remember that the government was sold out long before President Obama took office. The problem with him is that he obviously does not have the power to correct these matters and survive.

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Top 10 Genetically Modified Foods – From

Rather than being upset because Russia gave Edward Snowden asylum for exposing the NSA spying, our esteemed lawmakers should be looking at why Russia joined a list of countries who will not allow these agricultural behemoths to poison their population. Earlier this year, China burned three shipments of GMO corn that had reached its shores, and said take that garbage elsewhere. While we eat it with the government’s blessing. What’s really going on in this country? This lack of concern for the health of an entire nation is beyond reprehensible. Other countries have banned Monsanto and its contemporaries from importing these tainted fruits and vegetables onto their shores. But the Food Safety and Inspection Service, a division of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, is bought and sold by the producers of the food we eat every day. Even though they were warned about the long-term effects of GMO produce, it didn’t matter as long as a dollar is made, and the hell with the outcome. Here’s a list of countries that have banned GMOs from their shores. Towards the bottom of this same article, there’s also a list of countries that allow GMOs, like China. But wait – I thought they burned Monsanto corn on the docks. So, where are they selling it? Guess – in Africa. How do you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-A-C-Y?  How long will we put up with it here?


Shutdown bell ( Signe Wilkinson/Philadelphia Daily News / October 2, 2013 )
Shutdown bell ( Signe Wilkinson/Philadelphia Daily News / October 2, 2013 )

This shutdown that we’re going through now, where thousands of Federal employees are sitting at home, and millions of citizens aren’t getting the basic services they pay for, is wearing thin. Today [Sat. 10/05], I see that they’ve decided to pay the Federal employees in spite of the furloughs. IS THAT RIGHT? That’s because there’s a movement afoot to cause Congress’ paychecks to be cancelled as long as the Government is in a state of non-functional chaos and testosterone overload. Governor Pat Quinn was right when he did this in Illinois; probably the best thing he’s done in his career since leaving CUB. On Chicago Tonight’s weekly Friday roundtableCharles Thomas of ABC 7 News asked a basically obvious question – are the Republicans so fierce on killing anything President Obama creates because he’s a Black man? What do you think? Of course, they are. The real problem is that no one will admit the obvious. On one hand, President Obama is catching hell because he is Black, never mind about his mother’s side of the family; and on the other hand, there’s so much more that, for whatever reason, he is not doing to support the citizens of this country who look like him. He spends a lot of time placating folk who really won’t accept anything that comes from his mouth. Cancer patients were rejected from their treatments at the National Institute of Health because of this, including children. I can only assume that no member of Congress has a relative who’s going through this medical mountain. Headstart employees are sitting at home, wondering how their going to pay that mortgage, car note and school expenses for their own children. Office workers in the Loop are sitting at home thinking the same. All the while, our government ‘leaders’ play out the fiasco on prime-time. When is enough really enough? It will take more than just to boot them out of office next time around, it will take a moral mandate from the public, coast to coast, to get these clowns back in check. We’re way overdue for another revolution.

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