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No More Biopsy Blues! (c)2014, JSB*Art. All Rights Reserved.
No More Biopsy Blues! (c)2014, JSB*Art. All Rights Reserved.

NMBB was created for those who’ve experienced this battle with cancer in any form. My personal experience was with breast cancer, and that was originally the primary focus. However, what will be said here can apply to anyone. The forum’s purpose is for YOU to emerge victorious, after all of the shouting is over. Regardless of what the doctors tell you, the ultimate arbiter of your fate is YOU; in what do you have faith? Is your faith in the Lord and Savior of all, Whom you know has the power to take care of it, like he’s done so many times before. Or, is your faith in something else? Maybe a combination of the two – you know that God will guide the hand and mind of your doctor, so what he or she tells you will work out in your favor. It’s all up to you, and to the extent of your belief, that’s what you’ll get, when it’s all said and done. This isn’t meant to sound callous, it’s the truth. Sometimes, we want a pillow when all we have coming is a brick! The thing is, how fast can you duck it and keep going? THAT’S where your victory lies!

Please scroll past the graphic below for additional links on this forum. This is something to point all of us in the right direction, if we’re sincerely trying to help someone who may be fighting this battle, or are the one that’s fighting the battle. I pray that something will be found here that will help you be restored. Feel free to join us and submit your comments, conclusions and discoveries to like-minded people with similar experiences.


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