Editorial #8: Thanksgiving is More Than One Day

Thanksgiving is so much more than a single day. In its purest state, it’s gratitude for being able to get out of bed without help, think and speak in a complete, rational sentence, breathe without the assistance of artificial devices, and comprehend the depth and breadth of God’s love in our individual and collective lives.  Why on earth would any of that be reserved for only once a year?

Top 10 GMO Foods from Natural Revolution.org

Editorial #7: GMOs and Shutdowns

During the last week of September, Monsanto’s lobbyists took over Capital Hill to prevent it from being obligated to judicial oversight. This was another clause someone tried to add into the bill to avoid the government shutdown, but it didn’t make it. It was called the Monsanto Protection Act.

Editorial #6 – 50th Anniversary: Make the Check Good!

The following post is from one of our other sites, It’s Not Political, It’s Just Life. RETROSPECTIVE: WHERE WERE YOU? This week marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on August 28th, 1963. Like all Black […]

FDR Memorial Wall - Photographer Unknown

NDW Blog

RECENT POSTS:  Editorial #12: RIP, Herb Kent: The Heart of Chicago Radio – On the same night that the Cubs finally won their game to go to the World Series, Chicago lost the best disk jockey that ever graced the airwaves. […]

Editorial #3: Black History is American History

In this city, parks are named for various people we’ve never heard of, and most don’t care who they were or why the recognition. But who was Vivian G. Harsh?


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