The Internet of the Future. New Dispensation Websites (NDW) offers the best in web design and hosting, a full range of business services and tech support for when you need a guide through this maze of technology. Since 1995, the Internet has morphed into an indispensable tool for our daily lives. That means you should not be left out, whether in business, seeking to improve your career and/or life. Today’s Internet is, above all things, PORTABLE. It goes wherever you go. The income that’s made online today is multiplied because the devices used to access it are multiplied, by a factor of incalculable numbers.

People go online for so many things. They pay bills, shop, research everything under the sun, find homework help, watch movies or missed TV shows, play games; the list is infinite. However, there’s a place for YOU in this con­glomeration of websites. And there is income for you, too, whether you’re offering indi­vidual services or seeking employment. Every employer worth working for has a website. You can showcase your skills and talents with your own site, using it for the ultimate reference.

NEW DISPENSATION WEBSITES can do the following for you:

  • Construct a virtual storefront for your products that will accept payment from a wide variety of secure sources. Those payments are directly placed in the accounts you designate. 
  • Create a blog to showcase your talents [whatever they may be]. Have a new place to gather your friends in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr or other social net­working sites.
  • Build a private hangout to stay in contact with your group or ministry, where you can upload documents or images to exchange and have complete privacy with password access for those you allow into your site. It is your own Virtual Private Network, where you determine the elements it contains and control the access.
  • Move existing blogs or websites to your own domain, so you can generate advertising revenue.
  • Provide help in setting up your business. This includes the FEIN number for the IRS, business registration in accordance with your local laws [municipal, state and county], the works! Add a web site and a Facebook presence to complete the business launch. 
  • Offer blogs and articles on topics that will help you get from Point A to Point B with your mind still intact. There is so much going on in this 21st Century world, you must maintain a grounded outlook to not become victimized by the hype. We conscientiously keep the hype out of our blogs and articles – all written without the spin. We don’t focus on entertainment because it’s a distraction from what’s important.

 We look forward to serving you. Use the contact form to get prices for any of our services described within this site. If you have any suggestions or comments, use the same form to share your thoughts. God Bless, and Welcome to New Dispensation Websites, the precursor of the Internet’s next iteration. 


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